New Faculty Position at Radford University

I made the soft announcement through social media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn) months ago, but now it’s time to share some employment news here on the blog:

In February, I accepted a tenure-track, Assistant Professor position in English at Radford University. Previously, I have held a tenure-track appointment for three years with Francis Marion University.

At RU, I primarily will teach business and professional writing courses for undergraduates. Meanwhile, I’ll also help launch an online, post-baccalaureate certificate program in workplace and professional writing. The program can be completed in a year. It’s designed to help individuals in all stages of their career improve their writing, collaborating, and composing processes.

I’m very excited to join the faculty, staff, and students at RU. RU’s commitment to experiential learning (see, for instance, their Scholar-Citizen Initiative), infastructure (view a picture below of College of Arts and Behavioral Sciences’ new building), and accessibility (RU offers numerous online classes in addition to traditional face-to-face courses) mirrors my own values and interests as a professional in higher education.

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